Auditory Hallucinations Example: Rebloged

This is a good example of what having auditory hallucinations can be like. Wear ear buds for an extra effect. If you’re feeling a bit unstable, you may not want to listen to it right now. Bookmark it and come back later if you wish, but it was upsetting to me, I had to shut it off after about 20 seconds. I’m posting this to help others get perspective.

I hear voices sometimes. They are usually voices of those in my life who have really hurt me, repeating things they have said to me in the past. It’s horrible to not be able to let these things go because you constantly hear them in your head.

I have also had positive auditory experiences as well. I hear my dad’s voice often. He passed away several years ago, so it can be nice to hear him sometimes.

I think the worst place to hear voices is in the shower. When it happens to me, I always throw back the shower curtain expecting to see someone. Creepy

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

On another note, stick your headphones on and listen to this:


For any voice-hearers out there, how did you find the video?  And do you ever have positive experiences of your voices?

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