Pseudoseizures: A Giant Pain in My ASS (or Rather, My Brain)

So I had all these intense, profound thoughts about immortality yesterday that I wanted to blog and then my brain went and scrambled itself. Stupid pseudoseizure. I need a damn voice recorder. (It was another solo therapy session. Yes, I was taking aloud.. to myself. I’m such a good listener and I always have such amazing things to say, so why wouldn’t I talk to myself?)

Anyways, due to this latest brain scramble, I forgot an important part of my English project. The peer review. Gah! I had everything else completed and that one page is going to cost me a whole letter grade. And that was my final!! I’m just a wee bit pissed at myself right now. Maybe that’s why I can’t bring my amazing immortality monologue to the forefront.

Guess I’ll try to piece it together later. Hopefully it will work because it was friggin awesomesauce.


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