My First Day of Acedemic “Freedom”

BLAH. Today has been one of those days. In all honesty, it started last night. No sleep. Again. I managed to get in about an hour and a half before six am. Whoo hoo. The nap I took today helped a bit, but not too much. One of the kids is sick with the flu while the other has an asshat for a teacher. So I spent most of my day stressed. I guess that’s why I ended up having a seizure.

This is not at all how I pictured my first day off going. I wanted to get back to my book, to continue writing. I still have some basic editing to do of the first chapter before I can move on, so I wanted to do that.


I did manage to find this crazy cool image.  It gives me more focus as to where I could go with character development and such. I also began keeping a journal in my character’s perspective. I hope that this will help me have a better sense of her as I write. I figure this will give me less headaches as I write the book. I won’t have to ask myself how she would react to something or what she would say because I will (hopefully) know her better thanks to the journal.

Being that I’m taking a creative writing course next semester, I thought about delaying my work on the book. Now that I have some of the characters outlined, they keep banging around in my head with no real purpose. They seem pretty forlorn and some are even flat out pissed. In the hour and a half of sleep I did get, all I could dream of was the three characters I have developed the most. I guess that’s their way of saying it’s time for me to write, even if I don’t have that class under my belt. If I learn anything useful, I can always go back and tweak things if I need to, right?

I never imagined that I would be attempting a novel in my life. I’ve had a lot of internal conflicts on where to go with this, but I think I’m going to stop worrying and just start writing. Most of my concerns have been what others may have to say about what I write or if it will be “right”. It’s fiction. It’s my book. If I’m happy with it and others aren’t, who cares? Unless they plan to pay me for it, that is. Then I think I might be able to care. Hehe.


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