A New Resolution

Wow! 2013 is here already and yet again, I’m amazed at how fast the last year has gone by.


Everyone is chatting about what their New Year’s resolutions are. Losing weight, getting financially stable, doing something they have never done before; these are just a few of the things I’ve heard. I’m very glad that not one person has asked me about my New Years resolutions. I don’t have any and I happen to feel they are a load of crap. Now before you get all up in arms about how it’s important to set goals to better oneself, let me tell you why I view this yearly tradition as a big, steaming pile of crap.

1.  Most people don’t follow through on their New Year’s resolutions, causing them to wallow in self hatred and a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. They end up spending more money on counseling to work them through their misery. They also curl into the fetal position on the couch watching every rerun of Friends. These actions take them further away from the goals they have set for themselves.

ImageThis guys resolution was to stop chasing the mailman. Poor Fido.

2.  Resolutions made on New Year’s or in anticipation of the New Year are often sometimes made unrealistically. People have this skewed idea that somehow the next year isn’t going to be chocked full of the same ups and downs that each and every year before it. Life happens. Shit happens. Joy happens. Yes, we can control our own paths to an extent, but we have more control over how we react to the ups and downs.

3.  Setting goals for ones self is most admirable, don’t get me wrong. However, waiting until the end of the year doesn’t make much sense to me. Why wait? If you want to loose weight, do it. You want a better financial situation? Make it happen. You want to have new experiences? Go have them. Don’t wait for the New Year to promise yourself you’ll do these things. Make them happen when you think of it.

ImageI guess Calvin has different ideas. 🙂

I try to live in the context of setting goals for myself that I can achieve in a realistic fashion. Some of my goals don’t come out the way I might like, but I refuse to let that drag me down. My goals are not made at the beginning of the year. They are stones set in my path from the moment they are brought into my mind. Sometimes those stones shape shift or are removed from the path, but they are not mourned when this happens. They are celebrated because if a goal changes or gets left behind, it means I have learned more about myself and these things no longer fit what I want.

In the spirit of a new year, I’d like to wish you all the best. May you walk your own path with steady confidence and when the ground gets shaky beneath your feet, may that confidence see you through until the path evens before you. Have a blessed year!


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