Burn in Hell

It isn’t even 9 am and I feel like screaming. Honestly, screaming is probably the tamest thing running through my head right now. I think if my evil little inner demons had their way, someone would lay broken and bleeding right now. Don’t worry, it’s a specific someone. Someone who I can’t get my hands on without a considerable time to think about it beforehand. A time in which I would talk myself out of eviscerating them and then hanging them by their entrails. But boy, does it feel nice to let those inner demons do their dirty deed in the dark recesses of my mind. It’s amazing that I hate someone this much, but all things considered, this person is pretty lucky to be breathing right now by many accounts. It stuns me how well evil can hide in plain sight. Stuns and sickens me. Sickens me that someone who is so predatory can manage to avoid justice not once, but twice. I suppose I can take solace in the fact that there is a special circle of hell for people like that, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t wish they could experience that hell a whole lot sooner than it seems they might. They’ve already produced a special kind of hell on earth for my family and myself. It only seems fair that they should be punished as well.

I’m so glad I have an appointment with my counselor in a bit. I need to exorcise some of these demons before they consume me.


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