Mondays, Nurses, and Zombies

Let me set the scene for you. My kid has been sick since two Fridays ago. She had PNEUMONIA. Not a common cold, not the flu, but something that is known to have potential to be life threatening. Sure, modern medicine has lowered those mortality rates but the fact is that left unchecked pneumonia can still kill a person.

Last Thursday I noticed her flu seemed to be sticking around much longer than I was comfortable with. Her older sister had just gone through the same thing and wound up with pneumonia and I feared she was heading down that path as well. So I take the kid to the doctor like any decent parent would. Sure enough, she has pneumonia. The doctor prescribes an antibiotic and rest, then sends us on our way with instructions to call back on Monday if the kiddo’s not better.

It’s Monday. She still looks like death. Not even death warmed over. Just death. Pale, eyes sunken in, slightly slack jawed. If I didn’t know better, I’d be concerned for the safety of my brains. I keep expecting to hear growling and slurping sounds from her as she comes at me with every intention of having me for breakfast. Thankfully, my child isn’t a zombie… Yet.


This image seriously creeps me out.

Being that it’s Monday and I’m still fearing that the transformation may be just around the corner, I decided to follow the doctors orders and call her back. It seems like sound reasoning, right? If the doctor says to call back, just do it. Nike style.


It seems as if the nurse I spoke with this morning wasn’t appreciating my sound judgement. Yes, I know that even with medication it takes a while to get back to normal. She’s no where near normal, though. Nearing brain munching status is not normal for my kid, I assure you. Yes, I’m aware that my pediatricians busiest day is Monday. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. I don’t think the doctor does either, or she wouldn’t have told me to call on a Monday. She would have told me to call back Tuesday instead. Yes, the doctor can call me back. My pediatrician is fucking amazing and has great bedside manner, even over the phone. It’s a skill you should try to adapt, honey. Might make your life and the lives of those around you a tad bit easier. Hell, the doctor even called me on Friday to see how both of my kids were doing. That’s why I chose her to be their doctor. She rocks!

Now, I know everyone can have bad days and take it out on others without meaning to. I’ll be the first to admit to doing it, but when I call my doctors office and some of the first words out of my mouth are “the doctor told me to call back”, I don’t expect you to argue with me. The conversations I have had with her over the past few weeks dealing with two sick kids are between us. I don’t expect you to know them verbatim. Even with how amazing my kids doctor is, I don’t think she puts every word we say in her records. What I do expect is that when I call regarding my sick child, you listen to me. Respect me as a parent and my child as a patient. If I tell you I am following doctors orders by calling back, respect the doctor as well.

I am in no way discounting nurses and their profession. I think it is a noble field of work and it’s one that I would be still headed into had my body not decided to go all wonky on me. However, the doctor is the person who has been seeing my sick child. She’s the one who knows my family, me, my kid. The one who knows that I’m not the type of mom to drag my kids to the doctor every time they get a sniffle. Hell, I have so many of them that if I did that, I’d live at the doctors office! So, leave a message for her to call me if you need to, but please drop the attitude. Everyone else has their own case of the Monday’s. They don’t need yours added to it.



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